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Super Universal Tractor Oil 10W\30 25 Litres API CE,SF M1139 J27 Ford ESN-M2C-159-C2 John Deere Massey Ferguson

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Super Universal Tractor Oil 10W\30 25 Litres API CE,SF Massey Ferguson M1139, John Deere J27, Ford ESN-M2C-159-C2

This is a a multipurpose product designed to cover all the lubriacant requirements on the farm.

It is suitable for all petrol and both naturall aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines, hydraulic systems, wet brake systems, transmission system and gearboxes on all tractors and agricultural equipment.

Meets or Exceeds the following specifications where applicable:


Massey Ferguson M1139
John Deere J27
Ford ESN-M2C-159-C2
SUTO can also be used where the following transmission/hydraulic specifications are required.
Ford ESN-M2C-86C
John Deere J20C (&A)
Case MS1207
Ford ESN-M2C-134D
Allison C4 (&C3)
Massey Ferguson M1135
ZF TE-ML06 & 07

At all times refer to the machines operators manual for the correct grade, performance requirements and quantity of oil

Original Equipment manufacturers numbers, names and part numbers are purely used for reference and should not be taken as being the Original Manufacturers Replacement.

The global lubricants industry is currently experiencing unprecedented times in relation to supply and pricing issues due to reduced output at the refineries which is a direct consequence of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.
As a result of this, base oil prices have and continue to rise exponentially with this trend set to continue. The frequency of these increases is making it almost impossible for suppliers to provide consistent prices for certain items for any period of time. There are also significant cost increases being placed on packagings such as steel drums and plastic containers.
For this reason, any prices listed are liable to change without notice. if this happens you will be contacted and given the option to cancel the order or pay the difference.
We hope this situation will return to normal sometime soon and apologise for the inconvenience it may cause.