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Hydraulic Oil 46 25L 25 Litres Meets or exceeds Denison HF-2 Vickers I-286-S Vickers M-2950-S

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Hydraulic Oil 46 25L 25 Litres Meets or exceeds Denison HF-2, Vickers I-286-S, Vickers M-2950-S

Developed for use in hydraulic power and control systems.

Manufactured frm virgin heat stable high viscosity index solvent refined base oils. Incorporates additives to improve anti-wear performance, oxidation resistance, protection from corrosion, air release and anti-foaming tendencie.

Suitable for hydraulic power systems where reciprocating or rotary fluid pumps are used, including reciprocating and axial piston units, rotary gear and vane pumps.
The main applications include bearings, gearboxes, fluid couplings and general circulation systems of static industrial hydraulics and mobile earth moving plants.

Meets Following Specification

Denison HF-2

Vickers I-286-S

Vickers M-2950-S

At all times refer to the machines operators manual for the correct grade, performance requirements and quantity of oil

The global lubricants industry is currently experiencing unprecedented times in relation to supply and pricing issues due to reduced output at the refineries which is a direct consequence of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.
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